Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tripoli Southern Minnesota Launch

It's Tuesday again and I'm enjoying a little Smoley time. My wife is in bed and my son just finished crying himself back to sleep (his sleep schedule has been seriously messed up since our 4th of July trip to North Dakota).

Since attending SES 2006, my mind has been racing with ideas for ways to monetize websites. I have two really good ones, but I'll let time be the judge.

On Saturday, I attended TSM's high power rocketry launch. Although I didn't fly anything, I did manage to capture some pretty sweet pictures and video (coming soon). I also purchased my first LOC/Precision kit - a 29mm Weasel. I still haven't decided whether I'll build it stock, or whether I'll fiberglass it and fly it on a 38mm I or J motor. I've attached a picture of what the rocket will look like when finished. The paint job in this picture is pretty weak (unless you like the color of cardboard), but the rocket's body-style is cool nonetheless.

LOC Weasel

"In the eyes of death, life is but an illusion." ~ Smoley, 2006

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