Monday, November 19, 2007

Shoemoney's Friend Laura Martin Wins Party Like a Rockstar Contest

Shoemoney's Party Like A Rockstar contest is finally over. Thank God! Was it rigged? I think so, but I'll let you be the judge. By consensus, six judges arrived at three finalists. SEO Loser,, and Laura Martin (a friend of Shoe's who has been a guest on his podcast as well as a contestant on Who Wants to Be The Next Internet Millionaire - An internet reality show that Shoe has plugged on multiple occasions).

Anyway, once the finalists were announced, Shoemoney added a poll to his blog asking his readers to cast their vote for who they would like to see go to Las Vegas. Initially, the week-long poll was neck-and-neck between and Laura Martin. However, after a few days it became a race between and SEO Loser (with Laura Martin trailing by dozens of votes). This would remain the case until the final evening when one of Shoemoney's readers noted:

Comment by El-Chupa-Nebra 2007-11-18 00:11:46
Laura pulls 70+ votes in a few hours? Sus much? lol

The next morning Shoemoney squashed the contest and added the following disclaimer to the his blog post:

EDIT: Poll removed. (I think people thought the poll was the official contest so there was a lot of trying to game it or send whiney emails to me (which isn’t going to gain any points)). We more just wanted to hear the opinions of who people wanted to win. The judges will decide today and a post will be made tomorrow.

Shoemoney may have "wanted" to hear our opinions, but did he listen?!? Our opinions indicated that should be going to Las Vegas. Because it's Shoemoney's contest, he has the final decision. That's fine. The contest is subjective, we get it!

But why waste our time with a poll? After all, although "...people thought the poll was the official contest" it really didn't have any weight, right?!? Oh wait! According to the poll (that didn't count), Laura Martin was the last minute winner after a surge of 70+ votes (likely cast via anonymous proxies - or maybe Shoe just tweaked the results;-). Never mind the poll, it doesn't count. Yet, when the judges announced "their" decision earlier today, Laura Martin emerged as the winner.

Congratulations to Laura Martin! In Shoemoney's own words, "Success favors the prepared."

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